My name is Martin Beard, and Beacon is short for Beard Consulting.

Having enjoyed a varied career, from large companies as a PLC director, to being part of an MBO team, through to the establishment of an international strategic marketing agency headquartered in Edinburgh; I can offer an advisory service based on a wide range of expertise and experience.

Over the last 23 years I have occupied board-level leadership roles in a variety of industries ranging from Telecoms and Oil & Gas through to a national Conservation Charity, and I have established, directed and grown businesses around the world. I have led teams that have successfully challenged and changed the status quo, and I have developed opportunities that have opened new markets and new products in both B2C and B2B environments. I can also bring a small business viewpoint, having advised or invested in a number of early stage or start-up companies in the UK as an Angel Investor, where I focused on businesses with innovative ideas.

I began my working life in Marketing, and I can take pleasure from the fact that I have been involved in many initiatives which would now be termed “disruptive”; I have been a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing for many years.

I bring a bias for action, an analytical focus, intuition based on experience, drive and passion, and I am only looking at roles where I can make a real lasting difference.

This is a pivotal time in history, where nothing will ever be the same again for a long time. If you need help moving forward into this new world, then I will be delighted to help.